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Adjustable Speed Pressure Compensated Cylinder Lowering Valve

Adjustable Speed Pressure Compensated Cylinder Lowering Valve: Optimizing Hydraulic Cylinder Control with Precision
Hydrodyne Industries is a trusted Manufacturer of high--performance Adjustable Speed Pressure Compensated Cylinder Lowering Valves engineered to deliver precise and controlled cylinder descent in a wide range of hydraulic applications. These innovative valves offer the flexibility of adjustable lowering speed, providing operators with the ability to optimize cylinder control according to specific tasks and load requirements. Designed with advanced pressure compensation technology, these valves ensure consistent and safe lowering, enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

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Speed Adjustability: The Adjustable Speed Cylinder Lowering Valve allows operators to fine-tune the cylinder descent speed, providing customization and adaptability to different applications and load conditions.
Pressure Compensation: With its pressure compensating feature, the valve automatically adjusts the flow rate based on the system pressure, maintaining a consistent lowering speed regardless of varying loads.
Smooth and Precise Control: The valve's flow control capabilities ensure smooth and precise cylinder lowering, preventing sudden drops and jerky movements, thereby enhancing equipment stability and operator comfort.
Built-in Safety Measures: The pressure compensating feature prevents uncontrolled descent, minimizing the risk of accidents and equipment damage, making it an ideal choice for safety-critical applications.
Robust Construction: Our Adjustable Speed Cylinder Lowering Valves are built with durable materials, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging operating conditions.

Product Specifications: Adjustable Speed Pressure Compensated Cylinder Lowering Valve ( CLV Series )

Type: Adjustable Speed Pressure Compensated Cylinder Lowering Valve
Flow Range: 0-125LPM
Operating Pressure Range: 0Bar -245Bar
Max Pressure Rating: 350Bar
Valve Body: Aluminium Alloy,MS,cast iron-GG40
Mounting Style: Cartridge,Inline Body
End Connections: BSP 3/8”, ½”, ¾”
Operating Temperature: Max Temperature:-110°C
Media Compatibility: Mineral based or synthetic hydraulic oils with lubricating properties
Seal Type: Nitrile,Viton
Quality Assurance: Each valve undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure reliable performance and quality.

1. Material Handling Equipment: In forklifts, pallet trucks, and scissor lifts, the valve allows operators to adjust the lowering speed of hydraulic cylinders, facilitating smooth and controlled handling of loads during material transport and stacking.
2. Construction Machinery: The valve is essential in construction equipment like excavators, cranes, and concrete pumps. It enables operators to optimize cylinder descent speed during lifting, digging, and other construction operations, improving productivity and safety.
3. Aerial Lifts and Access Platforms: In aerial work platforms, cherry pickers, and scissor lifts, the valve provides precise control over cylinder lowering, allowing operators to work at varying heights with enhanced safety and stability.
4. Agricultural Machinery: Adjustable Speed Cylinder Lowering Valves are utilized in agricultural equipment such as loaders, harvesters, and sprayers. They enable operators to adjust cylinder descent according to the terrain and specific farming tasks, minimizing soil compaction and crop damage.
5. Automotive Service Centers: The valve is integrated into automotive hoists and lifts, enabling mechanics to control the speed of vehicle descent during maintenance and repairs, ensuring a safer and more efficient working environment.
6. Industrial Automation: In automated manufacturing processes, the valve ensures consistent and controlled cylinder descent, enhancing precision in machine loading/unloading, assembly, and robotics.
7. Waste Management Equipment: Adjustable Speed Cylinder Lowering Valves optimize the lowering of containers in waste compactors and garbage trucks, facilitating efficient waste collection and disposal.
8. Entertainment Industry: In stage setups and hydraulic-powered platforms used in the entertainment industry, the valve allows performers and technicians to descend smoothly and safely during performances and shows.
9. Marine and Offshore Equipment:These valves are utilized in marine and offshore applications such as winches and anchor handling systems, ensuring controlled descent during critical maritime operations.
10. Aerospace Ground Support Equipment: The valve is integrated into ground support equipment, providing controlled lowering of aircraft components during maintenance and assembly.
11. Custom Applications: The versatility of the Adjustable Speed Pressure Compensated Cylinder Lowering Valve allows it to be used in various custom hydraulic systems where precise and adjustable cylinder control is required.