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Telescopic Cylinders

Telescopic cylinders, also known as multi-stage or telescoping cylinders, are innovative hydraulic actuators designed to offer exceptional reach and stroke length while maintaining a compact and space-saving profile. Telescopic Cylinders manufactured by HydroDyne Industries are versatile cylinders and consist of multiple nested stages that retract and extend in sequence, allowing for extended strokes and a wide range of applications in various industries. Telescopic cylinders are commonly used in scenarios where a long stroke is required, but space constraints prevent the use of traditional linear actuators.

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**Key Features and Benefits :**
Extended Stroke Length: Telescopic cylinders can achieve significantly longer strokes than conventional cylinders, making them ideal for applications requiring extended reach and positioning capabilities.
Compact Design: Despite their impressive stroke length, these telescopic cylinders have a compact design, making them suitable for tight spaces and applications where space is limited.
High Load Capacity: Telescopic cylinders are engineered to handle heavy loads with ease, providing robust and reliable force for lifting and positioning tasks.
Flexible Configurations: These telescopic cylinders are available in various configurations, including single-stage, double-stage, and multi-stage designs, providing flexibility to suit specific application requirements.
Precise Control: Telescopic cylinders offer precise and smooth control during extension and retraction, ensuring accurate positioning and synchronized movement of the stage
Reduced Maintenance: With fewer moving parts and integrated sealing systems, these telescopic cylinders require minimal maintenance, contributing to overall cost-effectiveness.
Versatile Applications: Telescopic cylinders find applications in a wide range of industries, including construction, material handling, agricultural equipment, waste management, and more.

Number of Stages: Available up-to maximum 5 stages.
Bore Sizes: Available up-to Ø280mm.
Stroke Length: Available up-to 18m(18000mm).
Working Pressure: Available up-to 210 Bar.
Seal Brand: Equipped with high-performance seals from Parker, Hallite, Freudenberg and many reputed makes.
Seal Materials: Nitrile & Viton in case of high temperature applications.
Mounting Options: Available in Front Flange, Rear Flange & Center Trunnion Mounts.
End Fittings: Available in Rod Eyes & Clevis Mounts.
Working Temperature Range: standard -35°C to 120°C, higher temp on specific request

1. Dump Trucks and Trailers: Telescopic cylinders are commonly used in dump trucks and trailers to raise and lower the cargo bed, facilitating efficient loading and unloading of materials in construction, mining, and waste management.
2. Aerial Work Platforms: These telescopic cylinders are integrated into aerial lifts and platforms, enabling workers to reach elevated areas for maintenance, construction, painting, and other tasks.
3. Fire Trucks and Rescue Vehicles: Telescopic cylinders are vital components in fire trucks and rescue vehicles, allowing the extension of aerial ladders and booms for accessing high-rise buildings and performing rescues.
4. Construction Machinery: Telescopic cylinders are employed in various construction equipment, including cranes, backhoes, and telehandlers, providing the required reach and lifting capabilities.
5. Material Handling Equipment: These telescopic cylinders are widely used in material handling machinery, such as forklifts and reach stackers, enabling efficient stacking, lifting, and loading of heavy loads.
6. Offshore and Marine Equipment: These telescopic cylinders are utilized in offshore equipment and marine applications, supporting tasks such as pipe laying, subsea operations, and shipyard activities.
7. Garbage Compactors: Telescopic cylinders are employed in waste collection vehicles and garbage compactors to extend and retract the compactor blades or arms for efficient waste compaction.
8. Mobile Cranes: Telescopic cylinders are critical components in mobile cranes, allowing the boom to extend and retract, enabling versatile lifting capabilities on construction sites and other locations.
9. Utility and Service Trucks: These telescopic cylinders are used in utility and service trucks, such as bucket trucks, to provide the necessary reach for repair and maintenance work on utility poles and power lines.
10Agricultural Irrigation Systems: Telescopic cylinders are integrated into agricultural irrigation systems, enabling the extension and retraction of irrigation pipes for effective water distribution.
11. Lifting and Access Equipment: These telescopic cylinders are employed in various lifting and access equipment, such as scissor lifts and cherry pickers, enabling safe and efficient access to elevated work areas.