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M/s. HydroDyne Industries
is recognised for successful completion of the supply order as required for the manufacturing of TATA Power SED's "Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS)"
- Mr D.S.Chauhan (Head MMG )

Siporex India
"We are pleased to put on record that M/s. HydroDyne Industries has been supplying their manufactured Hydraulic Cylinders to us since early 1996 as per our specifications. The products supplied by M/s. HydroDyne Industries are found to be of very high quality. We may also state that as of today, there have been zero rejections of products supplied by them & these cylinders have been fitted straight to our jobs without corrections or modifications We have no hesitation in recommending Hydraulic Cylinders for furnace or critical applications"-
- Mr R.A.Somwanshi (Senior Manager Purchase)

With reference to order reference no 6500019071,we are please to inform you that your supplied materials are running in good condition. We would like to appreciate your efforts & response in this regards

Plasturon Processors Private Ptd
We have been using HydroDyne Industries Hydraulic Cylinders purchased in the year 1994.All the parts are working very efficiently and have no problems till daye. We greatly appreciate your efficency in providing great products.
- Plasturon Processors Private Ptd