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Dual Cross Over Relief Valve with Makeup Check

Dual Cross-Over Relief Valve with Makeup Check: Ensuring Precise Pressure Regulation and Enhanced System Efficiency
HydroDyne Industries is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality Dual Cross-Over Relief Valves with Makeup Check. Our innovative valve combines the benefits of dual cross-over technology with a makeup check feature, offering superior pressure regulation and increased system efficiency. Designed for demanding industrial applications, this valve ensures smooth operation, preventing pressure spikes, and maintaining optimal pressure levels.

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Dual Cross-Over Technology: Our Dual Cross-Over Relief Valve with Makeup Check employs advanced technology to provide seamless pressure regulation and prevent excessive pressure build-up.
Makeup Check Feature: The integrated makeup check feature allows for automatic replenishment of hydraulic fluid, minimizing downtime and enhancing system efficiency.
Wide Pressure Range: Available in various pressure ratings, our relief valve accommodates diverse system requirements, ensuring versatility and adaptability.
High Flow Capacity: Engineered to handle high flow rates, this valve is ideal for applications requiring efficient and consistent pressure control.
Quick Response Time: With its dual cross-over design and makeup check functionality, our relief valve exhibits rapid response times, maintaining precise pressure control even in dynamic operating conditions.
Pressure Drops: HDI manufactured cartridge valves including the Dual Cross over relief valves has been designed to minimize pressure drops improve system efficiency

Product Specifications: Dual Cross Over Relief Valve with Makeup Check (XRDD-MUC Series)

Type: Dual Cross-Over Relief Valve with Makeup Check
Flow Range: 0-150LPM
Operating Pressure Range: 10Bar -315Bar
Max Pressure Rating: 350Bar
Valve Body: Aluminium Alloy,MS,cast iron-GG40
Mounting Style: Cartridge,Inline Body
End Connections: BSP 3/8”, ½”, ¾”, 1”
Operating Temperature: Max Temperature:-110°C
Media Compatibility: Mineral based or synthetic hydraulic oils with lubricating properties
Set Pressure Adjustment: Setting Screw & Lock nut
Seal Type: Nitrile,Viton
Quality Assurance: Each valve undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure reliable performance and quality.
Custom Solutions: Customizable relief valve designs available to meet specific application requirements.

1. Mobile Equipment: This valve is extensively used in mobile equipment, including construction machinery, agricultural vehicles, and material handling equipment. It ensures safe and efficient hydraulic performance in demanding applications.
2. Industrial Machinery: The valve finds applications in industrial machines such as presses, injection molding machines, and metal forming equipment. It provides optimal pressure control, enhancing productivity and safety.
3. Automotive Industry: Dual Cross-Over Relief Valve with Makeup Check is employed in automotive hydraulic systems, such as power steering and braking systems, ensuring smooth and controlled operation.
4. Material Handling: It plays a vital role in material handling equipment like forklifts and cranes, providing reliable pressure regulation during lifting and lowering operations.
5. Energy Sector: The valve is used in hydraulic systems in power plants and renewable energy facilities, contributing to stable and reliable energy production.
6. Aerospace and Defence: Dual Cross-Over Relief Valves with Makeup Check find applications in aerospace and Defence industries, protecting critical hydraulic systems in aircraft and military equipment.
7. Construction Equipment: This valve is widely utilized in construction equipment, such as excavators and loaders, protecting hydraulic systems from pressure spikes and ensuring safe operation.
8. Marine Applications: In marine equipment, such as hydraulic steering systems and winches, the valve offers precise pressure control for efficient and safe maritime operations.
9. Material Processing: Dual Cross-Over Relief Valves with Makeup Check are used in material processing equipment, such as crushers and conveyors, to optimize process efficiency and system reliability.
10. Power Generation: The valve is employed in hydraulic systems within power plants, ensuring stable and efficient operation of turbines and generators.
11. Robotics and Automation: In robotics and automated systems, this valve provides accurate pressure regulation, supporting smooth and reliable motion control.
12. Oil and Gas Industry: Dual Cross-Over Relief Valves with Makeup Check are utilized in the oil and gas industry for various applications, including wellhead control and hydraulic systems.
13. Custom Applications: The versatility of this valve allows it to be customized for specific and unique requirements in diverse industries, optimizing performance and system efficiency.