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Flow Divider Valve

Hydrodyne Industries is a trusted Manufacturer of high-quality Flow Divider Valves, designed to optimize hydraulic power distribution and enhance system efficiency. The Flow Divider Valve is a crucial component in hydraulic systems, ensuring an accurate division of fluid flow into multiple output paths while maintaining a consistent pressure throughout the process. This innovative valve plays a vital role in various applications, enabling precise control over multiple actuators and ensuring smooth and synchronized operations.

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Accurate Division of Flow: The Flow Divider Valve is engineered to accurately divide the input flow into multiple output paths, ensuring each actuator receives the required fluid flow proportionally.
Consistent Pressure: With its built-in pressure compensation mechanism, the valve maintains consistent pressure across all output paths, preventing any loss in performance due to pressure variations.
Synchronized Operation: By distributing hydraulic power uniformly, the Flow Divider Valve enables the synchronized operation of multiple actuators, guaranteeing seamless movement and precision in complex applications.
Diverse Configurations: We offer a range of Flow Divider Valves with various flow capacities and port sizes, providing versatility to accommodate diverse hydraulic systems.
Robust Construction: Our Flow Divider Valves are built with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability even in challenging operating conditions.
Quality Assurance: We prioritize quality, and each valve undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to meet industry standards and deliver consistent performance.

Product Specifications: Flow Divider Valve (FDV Series)

Type: Flow Divider Valve
Flow Range: 0- 150 LPM
Accuracy: 95%
Operating Pressure Range: 0Bar -245Bar
Max Pressure Rating: 350Bar
Valve Body: Aluminium Alloy,MS,cast iron-GG40
Mounting Style: Cartridge,Inline Body
End Connections: BSP 3/8”, ¾”
Operating Temperature: Max Temperature:-110°C
Media Compatibility: Mineral based or synthetic hydraulic oils with lubricating properties
Seal Type: Nitrile,Viton
Quality Assurance: Each valve undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure reliable performance and quality.
Custom Solutions: Customization relief valve designs available to meet specific application requirements..

1. Mobile Equipment: Flow Divider Valves are extensively used in mobile hydraulic systems, such as excavators, loaders, and aerial platforms, to control multiple actuators and achieve precise movements during various tasks.
2.Industrial Machinery: These Flow Divider valves play a crucial role in industrial machinery, enabling precise control over multiple cylinders and ensuring synchronized motion in complex manufacturing processes.
3.Construction Machinery: Flow Divider Valves are essential components in construction machinery like concrete pumps and pavers, distributing hydraulic power to multiple functions for efficient and synchronized operations.
4. Material Handling: These Flow Divider valves are utilized in material handling equipment like conveyors and log splitters, ensuring precise and synchronized control over multiple actuators for safe and efficient material movement.
5. Agriculture and Forestry: Flow Divider Valves are employed in agricultural and forestry equipment, such as harvesters and balers, ensuring synchronized operation and optimal performance in challenging environments.
6. Marine and Offshore: These Flow Divider valves find applications in marine and offshore equipment, enabling coordinated movements of hydraulic components on ships and offshore platforms.
7. Forklifts and Cranes: Flow Divider Valves are used in forklifts and cranes to control multiple hydraulic cylinders and ensure smooth and precise movements during lifting and lowering operations.
8.Aerospace Industry: These Flow Divider valves are utilized in aerospace hydraulic systems to distribute hydraulic power to various actuators, ensuring precise and synchronized movement of aircraft control surfaces.
9. Material Processing: Flow Divider Valves are employed in material processing equipment, such as presses and stamping machines, to achieve synchronized motion in manufacturing processes.
10.Waste Management Equipment: These Flow Divider valves are crucial in waste management equipment like garbage compactors and waste trucks, ensuring synchronized operation during waste handling.
11.Energy Sector: Flow Divider Valves are used in hydraulic systems in power generation plants, ensuring efficient distribution of hydraulic power to different components.