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Mill Duty Cylinders (MD Series)

The Mill Duty Cylinders, part of our MD Series, are specially designed to meet the rugged demands of heavy-duty industrial applications. Engineered by HydroDyne Industries, these cylinders offer exceptional reliability and durability, making them ideal for the steel, aluminum, and metal processing industries. The MD Series features robust construction with high-strength materials to withstand extreme operating conditions, including high pressures and temperature variations. These cylinders are precision-engineered to provide consistent and powerful performance, delivering the force required for heavy milling, shearing, and forming processes.

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**Key Features and Benefits :**
Heavy-Duty Design: The MD Series cylinders are built with a heavy-duty design, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in harsh industrial environments.
Large Bore Sizes: Available in various large bore sizes, the MD Series cylinders can handle substantial loads and deliver powerful force for heavy milling and metalworking applications.
High Operating Pressure: These cylinders are engineered to handle high operating pressures, making them suitable for intense metal processing tasks.
Temperature: The MD Series cylinders are designed to operate reliably under extreme temperature conditions, providing stable performance in demanding environments.
Long Stroke Length: With customizable stroke lengths, these cylinders offer versatility and precise control in a wide range of metalworking processes.
Corrosion Resistance: Equipped with corrosion-resistant coatings, the MD Series cylinders offer enhanced protection against environmental elements, extending their service life.

Bore Sizes: Available in wide range from Ø40mm to Ø250mm.
Operating Pressure: Available up-to 250Bars & 300 Bars on request.
Temperature Range: standard -35°C to 120°C, higher temp on specific request
Mounting Options: Available in Male and Female,Clevis, Lugs, Front Flange, Rear Flange & Center Trunnion Mounts
Stroke Length: Available in wide range from 25mm to 5600mm.
Seal Brand: Equipped with high-performance seals from Parker, Hallite, Freudenberg and many reputed makes.

1. Steel Rolling Mills: The MD Series cylinders are employed in steel rolling mills for precise and powerful force application during the rolling process, ensuring smooth and efficient metal shaping.
2. Aluminum Processing: These cylinders are utilized in aluminum processing equipment for extrusion, forging, and bending applications, offering consistent and accurate hydraulic control.
3. Metal Forming: The MD Series cylinders are integral to metal forming machinery, including presses, shears, and hydraulic brakes, providing the force needed for shaping and cutting metal sheets.
4. Heavy Forging Operations: These cylinders find use in heavy forging equipment, such as forging presses and hammers, delivering the required force for shaping and forming metal components.
5. Metal Recycling: The MD Series cylinders are employed in metal recycling equipment, such as scrap shears and balers, enabling efficient compression and cutting of scrap materials.
6. Hydraulic Presses: These cylinders are essential components in hydraulic presses used for metal stamping, punching, and deep drawing, ensuring accurate and consistent force application.
7. Industrial Hydraulic Systems: The MD Series cylinders play a crucial role in various industrial hydraulic systems, supporting heavy-duty applications in diverse industries.
8. Material Handling Equipment: These cylinders are utilized in material handling equipment like cranes and lifting devices, offering reliable hydraulic power for efficient material movement.
9. Mining and Construction Machinery: The MD Series cylinders find application in mining and construction equipment, ensuring powerful force for excavation and heavy lifting.
10. Offshore and Marine Applications: These cylinders are used in offshore equipment and marine applications, providing reliable hydraulic power for various tasks at sea.