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Mini & Compact Power Packs

Mini & Compact Power Packs - Compact Solutions for Hydraulic Efficiency
Our mini and compact power packs are ingeniously designed to offer a powerful yet space-saving hydraulic solution. Engineered to deliver optimal performance, these power packs are the perfect fit for applications where limited space and efficient power delivery are crucial. Despite their small size, they pack a punch, providing reliable and consistent hydraulic power for various industries. With their versatile configurations and durable components, our mini and compact power packs are tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern hydraulic systems.

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**Key Features of Our Mini & Compact Power Packs :**
Space-Saving Design: These power packs are meticulously crafted to occupy minimal space, making them ideal for installations with limited area constraints.
High Power Output: Don't be fooled by their size; our mini and compact power packs offer impressive power output, driving hydraulic systems with ease.
Customization Options: Each power pack can be tailored to suit specific requirements, including various control options, mounting configurations, and additional features.
Durable Components: We use premium-quality materials in our power packs, ensuring longevity and reliability even in demanding applications.
Low Noise Operation: Equipped with noise-reducing technology, our power packs operate with minimal noise, creating a quieter work environment.
Energy Efficiency: Our power packs are designed for optimized energy consumption, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability.
Ease of Maintenance: With user-friendly design and accessible components, maintenance and servicing are straightforward and time-efficient.

Power Capacity:< Ranging from 0.37KW to 5KW HP.
Pressure Rating: Ranging from 40 BAR to 240 BAR.
Flow Rate: Ranging from 0.45 LPM to 40 LPM.
Operating Voltage: Available in AC single phase & three phase including other standard options:-12VDC, 24VDC, and 48VDC.
Fluid Compatibility: Compatible with mineral oils, synthetic oils & biodegradable fluids.
Noise Level: Up-to 68dB and lower.
Construction Material: Each power pack is constructed with high-quality materials, enhancing durability and longevity even in challenging conditions.
Construction Style : vertical assemblies, Horizontal assemblies, and tank-top mounted (JIC) power units to name a few

1. Material Handling Equipment: Our mini and compact power packs are ideal for powering hydraulic systems in material handling equipment such as scissor lifts, pallet trucks, and compact cranes. They enable smooth and efficient lifting and movement of materials in warehouses and factories.
2. Automotive Sector: These power packs find extensive use in automotive applications, including car lifts, vehicle loading ramps, and auto body repair equipment. They ensure the safe and precise handling of vehicles during maintenance and repairs.
3. Construction and Agriculture: Mini and compact power packs are employed in compact construction machinery like mini-excavators, loaders, and small tractors. They provide the necessary hydraulic power for various construction and agricultural tasks.
4. Warehousing and Logistics: In warehousing and logistics, these power packs drive hydraulic systems in conveyor belts, dock levelers, and material transfer systems. They facilitate smooth and efficient material handling in distribution centers.
5. Industrial Machinery: These power packs are used in various industrial machinery, including small presses, test rigs, and compact hydraulic power units. They contribute to the precise and controlled movement of machinery components.
6. Portable and Mobile Equipment: Their lightweight and portable design make mini and compact power packs suitable for mobile equipment like cherry pickers, towable log splitters, and mobile cranes.
7. Medical and Healthcare Equipment: These power packs are used in medical equipment such as patient lifts, hospital beds, and dental chairs. They provide smooth and gentle movements for patient comfort and convenience.
8. Marine and Recreational Vehicles: Mini and compact power packs find applications in small boats, yachts, and recreational vehicles. The power hydraulic systems for winches and steering, enhancing the marine and recreational experience.
9. Renewable Energy Systems: These power packs support hydraulic systems in renewable energy applications, including solar tracking systems, enhancing energy capture and utilization efficiency.