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Multi Passage Rotary Joint (Upto 24 Passages)

Multi-Passage Rotary Joints manufactured by HydroDyne Industries is an advanced fluid transfer solution designed to meet the demanding needs of complex hydraulic and pneumatic systems. With the capability of accommodating up to 24 passages, this rotary joint allows the simultaneous transfer of multiple media, including hydraulic fluids, air, gases, and liquids. It effectively eliminates the need for multiple rotating connections, reducing the risk of leaks and ensuring seamless fluid transfer.

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**Key Features of Multi-Passage Rotary Joint :**
High Passage Capacity: With up to 24 passages, our rotary joint handles a wide range of media simultaneously, optimizing system efficiency.
Low Friction Design: The rotary joint incorporates precision bearings and seals, ensuring minimal friction and extending the service life of the joint.
Leak-Proof Performance: Each passage is carefully sealed to prevent cross-contamination and leakage, ensuring reliable and safe fluid transfer.
Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials, our rotary joint withstands the rigors of heavy-duty applications, providing long-lasting performance.
360-Degree Continuous Rotation: The joint allows unrestricted rotation, enabling continuous fluid transfer without any interruptions.
Versatile Mounting Options: The rotary joint can be custom-configured with various mounting options to suit specific installation requirements.
Temperature and Pressure Resistant: It operates effectively under a wide range of temperatures and pressures, adapting to diverse working conditions.
Maintenance-Friendly: The modular design facilitates easy maintenance and replacement of individual passages, minimizing downtime.

Passage Capacity: Up to 24 passages, allowing simultaneous transfer of various media.
Media Compatibility: Suitable for hydraulic fluids, air, gases, and liquids.
Maximum Operating Pressure: Up-to 250 BAR(customizable based on application requirements).
Temperature Range: Capable of operating within -40°C to 205°C.
Rotation Speed: 1000 RPM (customizable based on application requirements).
Bearing Type: Precision bearings,Brass and composite material bushes
Sealing: Each passage is equipped with reliable seals to prevent leakage and cross-contamination.
Materials: High-quality materials, such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
Mounting Options: Customizable mounting configurations to suit specific installation needs.
Maintenance: Modular design allows easy maintenance and replacement of individual passages.
Size and Weight: Compact and lightweight design for space-saving and easy handling.

1. Rotary Index Tables: Our multi-passage rotary joints are commonly used in rotary index tables of manufacturing machinery. They facilitate the seamless transfer of hydraulic fluids and other media, ensuring smooth and precise rotation in automated production processes.
2. Roll Mills: In steel and paper industries, our rotary joints are applied in roll mills for cooling and lubrication. They enable efficient fluid transfer, contributing to the optimal performance and extended lifespan of rolling equipment.
3. Printing Presses: Printing presses rely on our rotary joints to supply ink and cooling fluids during the printing process. The uninterrupted fluid transfer ensures consistent print quality and prevents ink drying.
4. Automated Packaging Machines: Multi-passage rotary joints are essential components in automated packaging machines that require continuous fluid supply for various functions like sealing, cutting, and labeling.
5. Marine Loading Arms: In marine applications, our rotary joints serve as vital components in loading arms and hoses for fluid transfer between vessels and terminals, supporting safe and efficient loading and unloading operations.
6. Offshore Drilling Equipment: The multi-passage rotary joints are used in offshore drilling equipment to deliver hydraulic power and control various functions, enhancing the productivity and safety of drilling operations.
7. Rotary Swivels: Construction and mining equipment utilize our rotary joints as rotary swivels, enabling hydraulic and pneumatic connections while allowing unrestricted rotation for smooth machine movements.
8. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems in Defence: Our rotary joints play a crucial role in various Defence applications, including hydraulic and pneumatic systems in military vehicles, aircraft, and marine vessels
. 9. Automotive Testing Equipment: In automotive testing facilities, our rotary joints are utilized in test rigs to deliver hydraulic power and control various automotive components' movements for testing and validation purposes.
10. CNC Machines: CNC machines benefit from our multi-passage rotary joints to supply hydraulic or pneumatic power to multiple toolheads, ensuring precise machining operations.
11. Fluid Transfer in Renewable Energy Applications: In renewable energy systems like wind turbines and solar tracking systems, our rotary joints enable efficient fluid transfer, contributing to the optimal performance of these green energy technologies.