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Rehobot Air Hydraulic Pumps PPxx-1000

When it comes to compact and versatile air hydraulic pumps, look no further than the PPxx-1000 Air Hydraulic Pumps by REHOBOT. Our partnership with REHOBOT brings you these pumps which are engineered to deliver exceptional performance while offering the flexibility to operate in any position, whether horizontally or vertically, thanks to a built-in rubber bladder within the tank. As an authorized distributor, we're excited to offer you these robust air hydraulic pumps of Rehobot.

Key Features:

Compact and Versatile: The PPxx-1000 air hydraulic pumps are designed to be compact and highly adaptable, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. They can be comfortably operated by hand or foot, providing you with ease of use and flexibility.

High Oil Flow: These air hydraulic pumps offer high oil flow, ensuring that your hydraulic tasks are completed efficiently and with precision.

Easy Maintenance: Checking the oil level and filling up is a breeze, allowing for quick and hassle-free maintenance.

Safety First: The over pressure safety valve is a critical safety feature that prevents overfilling of the tank during release operations, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring operator safety.
Reliable and Service-Friendly: Count on the reliability and ease of serviceability that REHOBOT products are known for.

Complete Kits Available: Air hydraulic pumps with suffixes /LS201, /LS250, /LS301, and /LSS203 come as complete kits, including hoses and couplings, ready for immediate use.

Pressure Gauge Recommendations: For PP70/80/100B-1000 air hydraulic pumps, we recommend using gauge AMT801 in combination with adapter AVM204. Other gauge and adapter combinations are also possible for your specific needs.

Special High-Pressure Versions: If your application requires even higher pressures, consider the special high-pressure models, such as PP150-1000 and PP227-1000. These air hydraulic pumps reach working pressures of 150MPa and 227MPa, respectively.

CAG-Versions: The CAG-versions of these air hydraulic pumps are complete units delivered in a cage with an air pressure regulator, shut-off valve, and gauges for both air and hydraulic pressure. These versions provide added convenience and control.

Note on High-Pressure Accessories: High-pressure ranges demand careful consideration when selecting accessories. Please contact HydroDyne,REHOBOT's authorized distributor to discuss your specific high-pressure hydraulics usage requirements.

As your authorized distributor, we're here to provide you with the power and versatility of REHOBOT's PPxx-1000 Air Hydraulic Pumps. These high pressure hydraulic pumps are ready to meet the demands of your hydraulic applications, no matter the position or pressure. Contact us today to explore how these high pressure pumps can elevate your operations.

Rehobot Air Hydraulic Pumps PPxx-1000- Metric Measurement

Name Item code Working press. MPa Eff. oil vol. cm³ Cap. cm³/min low Cap. cm³/min high Air pressure Bar Weight kg
PP70B-1000 49300 70 1000 750 170 6-10 5.9
PP70B-1000/LS201 49306, Hose length = 2 m 70 1000 750 170 6-10 7.0
PP70B-1000/LS250 49307, Hose length = 2.5 m 70 1000 750 170 6-10 7.0
PP80B-1000 49301 80 1000 600 160 6-10 5.9
PP100B-1000 49302 100 1000 600 120 6-10 5.9
PP100B-1000/LSS203 51616 100 1000 600 120 6-10 7.0
PP150-1000 47685 150 1000 370 65 6-10 5.9
PP150-1000CAG 50572 150 1000 370 65 6-10 11.8
PP150-1000/LSS203 51617 150 1000 370 65 6-10 7.0
PP227-1000 51050 227.5 1000 270 31 6.5-10 6.2
PP227-1000CAG 51130 227.5 1000 270 31 6.5-10 12.1
PP227-1000/LS204 (no swivel) 51618 227.5 1000 270 31 6.5-10 8.4