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Rehobot Hydraulic Bushing Tool Kit EBH 18

Revolutionizing Commercial Vehicle Maintenance

Designed in collaboration with commercial vehicle manufacturers and automotive workshop professionals, the REHOBOT EBH18 Extended Hydraulic Spring Eye Bushing Replacement Kit is your go-to solution for quick, efficient, and cost-effective bushing replacements in commercial vehicles of all makes and models.

Key Benefits: Universal Compatibility: This kit caters to all models of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), providing a safe, straightforward, and rapid hands-free process for spring eye bushing replacement.

Significant Time and Labor Savings: Experience up to a 60% reduction in both time and labor costs compared to traditional methods. Get the job done faster and more efficiently.

Compact and Lightweight: The kit's lightweight and compact design allows for vehicle work even in tight and restricted spaces. No more struggling with cumbersome equipment.

Effortless Operation: Minimal to no manual effort is required, thanks to the hydraulic power provided by REHOBOT's 18-ton capacity lightweight aluminum hollow bore cylinder.

In-Situ Work: Perform all the necessary work directly on the vehicle, eliminating the need to remove components or disassemble parts.

Compliant with EU Regulations: The fully assembled kit, weighing only 8 kg, complies with EU manual handling of loads regulations, ensuring safety and ease of use.

Future-Proof: Easily and cost-effectively upgrade the kit to accommodate new vehicle types as they enter the market.

Sequence of Operation: Many modern commercial vehicles use met-elastic spring eye bushes. REHOBOT has developed a range of extraction/insertion sleeves and dollies tailored to specific vehicle makes and models. Contact us for more information on these specialized accessories.

Please note that this kit does not include a pump for operation. If you already have a pump operating at 700 Bar/10,000 PSI, it can be used. REHOBOT's recommended pump option for this kit is the PP70-1000/LS201ES air hydraulic foot pump.

Kit Contents:

Cylinder: CHFA182A
Rods: TR16-500 (M16 12.9 L=500mm), TR20-500 (M20 10.9 L=500mm), TR24-500 (M24 10.9 L=500mm)
Adapter: AD6-18
Sleeves: TA49 (Ø49mm), TA73 (Ø73mm)
Press Plates: BR35-16 (Ø35 mm / Ø16 mm), BR45-16 (Ø45 mm / Ø16 mm), BR55-20 (Ø55 mm / Ø20 mm), BR65-20 (Ø65 mm / Ø20 mm), BR70-24 (Ø70 mm / Ø24 mm), BR90/80-30 (Ø90/80 mm / Ø45 mm)

Discover the future of commercial vehicle maintenance with the REHOBOT EBH18 Extended Hydraulic Spring Eye Bushing Replacement Kit. At HydroDyne Industry, we are an authorized distributor of REHOBOT's innovative hydraulic tools, including this groundbreaking kit. For inquiries, purchases, or more information, please contact our authorized distributor services.

Revolutionize your workshop with efficiency and precision—choose the REHOBOT EBH18 Extended Kit for your spring eye bushing replacement needs.

Rehobot Hydraulic Bushing Tool Kit EBH 18- Metric Measurement

Name Item code Capacity ton Cylinder
EBH18 Extended 49220 18 CHFA182A

Technical Documentation

Operating instruction (47224)