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Rehobot Hydraulic Bushing Tool Kit EBH

Unlock the Power of Versatility and Precision

The REHOBOT Hydraulic Bushing Tool Kit, part of our EBH Series, is your trusted companion for a wide range of applications in car and truck workshops across the globe. Designed to simplify bushing, axle, and bearing replacements, this tool kit is not only easy to use but also a time-saving solution.

Key Advantages:

Versatile Performance: The EBH Hydraulic Bushing Tool Kit is a versatile powerhouse, ready to tackle a multitude of tasks in your workshop. Once you become familiar with the system, you'll discover its adaptability for various applications where efficiency and precision matter.

On-the-Spot Efficiency: Reduce the need for extensive strip-down preparations and eliminate the hassle of transporting parts to a workshop press. With the EBH kit, you can work directly on the vehicle, saving time and effort.

Precision in Action: When paired with our PP70B-1000 foot-operated air/hydraulic pump, the EBH kit allows you to position it with high precision, leaving both your hands free to focus on the task at hand. Achieve higher levels of precision with ease.

Vehicle Parts Protection: Traditional methods involving slide-hammers and cumbersome tools can inadvertently damage vehicle parts. The REHOBOT EBH Hydraulic Bushing Tool Kit is designed to minimize the risk of damage, ensuring the integrity of vehicle components.

Seamless Compatibility:
The EBH Hydraulic Bushing Tool Kit can be operated using either an air/hydraulic pump, such as the PP70B-1000/LS201, or a hand pump like the PHS70-1000/LS201, providing flexibility to suit your workshop's needs.

Discover Efficiency in Action:
Experience the efficiency and precision of the REHOBOT EBH Hydraulic Bushing Tool Kit in your workshop. Whether you're working on bushings, axles, bearings, or other applications that demand speed and accuracy, this tool kit is your go-to solution.

At HydroDyne Industries, we are an authorized distributor of REHOBOT's high-quality hydraulic tools, including the EBH Hydraulic Bushing Tool Kit. We are committed to delivering innovative and reliable tools that enhance the capabilities of your workshop.

For inquiries, purchases, or additional information, please contact us as we are the authorized distributor of Rehobot. Explore our range of hydraulic tools and equipment to elevate your workshop's performance and efficiency.

Unlock the power of versatility and precision with the REHOBOT Hydraulic Bushing Tool Kit - EBH Series. Your workshop's productivity is just a click away.

Rehobot Hydraulic Bushing Tool Kit EBH- Metric Measurement

Name Item code Capacity Cylinder Rod Adapter Sleeve Press washer
EBH6 44592 6 ton 62 CHF M12x500 (12.9) M16x500 (12.9) AD6-18 TA49, TA73 BR35/25-16, BR45/35-24, BR65/45-30
EBH13 44594 13 ton CHFA132 M20x500 (10.9) AD6-18 TA49, TA73 BR45/35-24, BR65/45-30
EBH18 44598 18 ton CHFA182 M24x500 (10.9) AD6-18 TA49, TA73 BR45/35-24, BR65/45-30
EBH26 46957 26 ton CHFA262 M30x500 (10.9) AD26-37 TA73, TA95 BR65/45-30, BR90/65-36
EBH37 46959 37 ton CHFA372 M36x560 (10.9) AD26-37 TA95, TA115 BR90/65-36, BR110/90-36