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Rehobot High Pressure Hydraulic Pull Cylinders CPF

When it comes to reshaping welded structures or handling applications that require both push and pull capabilities, our CPF pull cylinders are the answer. These versatile cylinders are designed for both pushing and pulling, offering you a wide range of possibilities for your hydraulic needs.

Key Specifications:

Capacity: Choose from 5-ton or 11-ton capacity models, depending on your specific requirements.
Stroke Length: Enjoy stroke lengths ranging from 125 to 200 mm, providing the flexibility needed for various tasks.
Threaded Design: Both the piston pin and cylinder bottom feature threads as standard, allowing for easy connection of accessories or mounting.

Whether you need to reshape welded structures or require a hydraulic solution that can adapt to changing demands, our CPF pull hydraulic cylinders are up to the task. As your authorized dealer for Rehobot, we provide you with access to high-quality hydraulic equipment designed for versatility and reliability.

Couplings: Tailor your CPF cylinders to your specific needs with your choice of couplings. Select either the convenient push-to-connect (male coupling half, AQU8) or the dependable screw-to-connect (female coupling half, AQI24) based on your preferences and requirements.

At HydroDyne Industries, we're proud to be your trusted source for hydraulic solutions. With our range of single-acting hydraulic cylinders and our partnership with Rehobot, you have access to hydraulic power you can rely on.