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Rehobot Hydraulic Express Pullers EP

When it comes to tackling heavy-duty tasks like mounting and dismounting joints, gear wheels, bearings, and more, you need a versatile tool that can rise to the occasion. That's where the REHOBOT Express Hydraulic Pullers EP59 comes into play, offering unparalleled flexibility and adaptability for your industrial needs.

Key Features and Benefits:

1. Highly Flexible Tool: The EP59 Express Hydraulic Pullers is a remarkable tool that excels in a wide range of applications. Whether you're facing demanding mounting or dismounting tasks, this tool has you covered.
2. Three to Two Arm Conversion: With the ability to switch between three-arm and two-arm modes, the EP59 offers nearly limitless possibilities. This adaptability ensures that you can handle various jobs with ease.
3. Bench Press Conversion: Need a bench press for specific tasks? The EP59 can be transformed into a fully functional bench press in just minutes, providing added versatility to your toolkit.
4. Quick and Easy Conversions: The EP59's design allows for swift transitions between different configurations, saving you time and effort on the job.
5. Adaptable to Many Applications: Whether you're working on sockets, joints, gear wheels, or other components, the EP59 can adapt to your specific needs.
6. Support Bar: Use the support bar to convert the EP59 into a powerful 5-ton bench press, expanding its capabilities even further.
7. Complete Tool Kit: You have the option to choose between the tool-only version (EP59) or the preferred choice of most customers, which includes an air/hydraulic pump (EPP59). The foot-operated air/hydraulic pump allows for a comfortable working position, enabling you to use both hands to operate the tool efficiently.

Discover the Power of REHOBOT Express Pullers As an authorized distributor, we are delighted to offer the REHOBOT Express hydraulic Puller EP59 – a tool that redefines adaptability and versatility in industrial settings. Whether you're in the automotive, manufacturing, or maintenance industry, the EP59 is your trusted partner for a wide range of applications.

To harness the full potential of the EP59 and explore its numerous applications, reach out to our team of experts. We provide access to the latest hydraulic solutions and guidance to help you streamline your operations.

Elevate your industrial efficiency with the REHOBOT Express hydraulic Puller EP59 – your solution for tackling heavy-duty tasks with ease and precision. Contact us today to learn more about this exceptional tool and its applications.

Name Item code Pump Cylinder Puller tong Adapter Support bar
EP59 42989
CFC59A A50 1/2 42982
EPP59 42990 PP70-1000 CFC59A A50 1/2 42982