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Rehobot Hydraulic Pullers AH

When it comes to demanding industrial tasks, having the right tools can make all the difference. That's why we're thrilled to introduce REHOBOT Hydraulic Pullers – a reliable solution for your toughest applications. As an authorized distributor of REHOBOT, we bring you a range of hydraulic pullers designed to tackle challenges with ease.

Why Choose REHOBOT Hydraulic Pullers?

1. Rugged and Reliable: Rehobot hydraulic pullers are built to last. With a robust design and high-quality materials, they are workhorses that can withstand the test of time, ensuring your investment pays off for years to come.
2. Non-Rotating Piston: Safety is a top priority. REHOBOT hydraulic pullers feature a non-rotating piston/press head, eliminating the risk of slipping during pull operations, providing you with peace of mind and secure handling.
3. Self-Aligning Mechanics: Rehobot smaller hydraulic puller sizes (5-ton and 10-ton) come with special mechanics that self-center the arms. This feature ensures that the arms adapt to the diameter of the object, providing a secure grip and precise handling.
4. Adjustable Pull Depth: Customization is key. REHOBOT hydraulic pullers offer an extra-long stroke, and the pull depth can easily be adjusted by moving the arm attachments, giving you flexibility in your operations.
5. Versatility: Whether you need 2 or 3 arms, REHOBOT hydraulic pullers can accommodate your requirements. We offer different lengths of arms as accessories, allowing you to tailor your setup to the task at hand.
6. Compatibility: Choose a suitable pump kit to power your REHOBOT hydraulic puller. Our recommended options include the PHS70-1000/LS201 kit or the air-driven foot pump PP70A-1000/LS201. Both kits come with a 2-meter hose, a swivel, and a REHOBOT quick coupling.
7. Accessory Kits: Enhance your hydraulic puller with our accessory kits. Options like the PK50 (5-ton) and PK110 (10-ton) Pin-Knife Puller Kits are designed to accommodate various diameters, providing additional versatility.

Experience the Power of REHOBOT Hydraulic Pullers

As an authorized distributor, we are proud to offer REHOBOT Hydraulic Pullers that combine ruggedness, safety, and versatility. These tools are engineered to excel in challenging industrial environments, making your operations more efficient and secure.

Don't hesitate to explore Rehobot’s range of hydraulic pullers through our website. For expert guidance, customized solutions, and access to REHOBOT's cutting-edge technology, reach out to our dedicated team. Elevate your industrial operations with REHOBOT – your trusted partner in hydraulic solutions.

Name Item code Capacity kN (t) Max. opening mm Stroke volume cm³ Weight kg
AH50 37143 49 (5) 250 165 6.4
AH110 37151 111 (11) 400 485 15.1
AH200 37159 200 (20) 500 1032 23.7