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Rehobot Hydraulic Telescopic Ram DTR Rescue Equipment

Unleash Versatility and Efficiency with Double-Acting Telescopic Cylinders (DTR)

Discover the future of hydraulic tools with the Double-Acting Telescopic Cylinders (DTR) – a revolutionary solution for achieving extended reach from a compact tool. As authorized distributors of Rehobot's premium rescue equipment, we are thrilled to introduce the innovative DTR series.

Key Features of Double-Acting Telescopic Cylinders (DTR):

Compact Design: The DTR series offers an ingenious blend of compact design and exceptional performance. This design ensures the tool's portability and easy maneuverability, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Large Stroke: In comparison to its minimum length, the DTR series provides a remarkably large stroke, enabling you to perform pushing and pulling operations with ease. These cylinders deliver a long-reaching movement from a shorter, more convenient tool.

Quick-Lock for Accessories: The DTR series comes equipped with a quick-lock feature for accessories, allowing you to effortlessly customize the tool to meet your specific operational requirements.

Pushing and Pulling Operations: With the ability to execute both pushing and pulling operations, the DTR series of telescopic cylinders is exceptionally versatile, making it a valuable addition to your rescue equipment arsenal.

Safety Features for Peace of Mind:

Safety is paramount when working with powerful hydraulic tools, and the DTR series incorporates several essential safety features:

Twist-Grip Control: All Rehobot rescue tools, including the DTR series, are equipped with a twist-grip control featuring a dead man's handle. This safety mechanism ensures that the tool halts immediately and maintains its position when the operator releases the handle, providing control and peace of mind.

Built-In Safety Valve: Each rescue tool in the Rehobot lineup is equipped with a built-in safety valve, offering protection against overloading. This valve not only safeguards the tool but also prevents the return hose from being incorrectly connected, enhancing operational safety.

Enhance Your Toolkit with DTR Telescopic Cylinders:

The DTR series is an innovative, forward-thinking solution designed to provide you with the versatility and efficiency needed to tackle various operations. Whether you're working in confined spaces, performing complex rescues, or managing industrial tasks, the DTR telescopic cylinders offer a compact yet high-performance solution.

As your trusted authorized distributor of Rehobot rescue equipment, we are dedicated to helping you choose the right tools to meet your specific needs. The DTR series of telescopic cylinders offers exceptional performance and adaptability, making it a valuable asset in your toolkit.

Experience the future of hydraulic tools with the DTR series – contact us today for more information, details, and to place your order. We are committed to providing you with top-quality tools and look forward to serving you with excellence.

Product List-Hydraulic Telescopic Ram DTR Rescue Equipment

Metric Measurements :

Name Item code Spreading force 1. stage (kN) Spreading force 2. stage (kN) Pulling force 1. stage (kN) Pulling force 2. stage (kN) Stroke (mm) Min. length (mm) Max. length (mm)
DTR265-300 44510 265 100 39 36 2 x 150 336 636
DTR265-700 45276 265 100 39 36 2 x 350 541 1241

Technical Documentation

Operating instruction (65461)