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Rehobot Hydraulic Universal lifting Systems HT Series

Optimize Your Workshop with Rehobot's Universal Lifting System

In the ever-evolving automotive industry, modular construction methods demand advanced workshop equipment capable of handling complex tasks efficiently. With the HTJ1200 Universal Handling System from Rehobot, you can tackle heavy lifting and assembly jobs with precision and control.

Key Features of the HTJ1200 Universal Handling System

Impressive Lifting Capacity: The HTJ1200 can lift up to 545 kg, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks. From removing and fitting complete engine assemblies to handling rear axles, gearboxes, fuel tanks, exhaust systems, and more, this system offers the power you need.

Time and Cost Savings: By enabling a single operator to perform tasks that would typically require multiple personnel, the HTJ1200 streamlines your workflow. Moreover, you can carry out additional repair work directly on the working platform, reducing the total time required for comprehensive repairs.

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Operation: The HTJ1200 combines pneumatic and hydraulic lifting methods for maximum versatility. Pneumatics allow for quick raising and lowering of the load, while hydraulic lifting provides superior control and precision. This hybrid system is patented and designed to meet current and future workshop needs.

Why Choose Rehobot's Universal Lifting System?

Rehobot's commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in the HTJ1200 Universal Handling System. As your authorized distributor for Rehobot, we are proud to offer this cutting-edge solution to enhance your workshop operations.

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Choosing the HTJ1200 Universal Handling System from your authorized distributor for Rehobot is a step toward optimizing your workshop and delivering high-quality results. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and experience the difference in performance and efficiency. We're here to support your lifting needs.

Product List- Rehobot Hydraulic Universal lifting Systems HT Series

Metric Measurements :

Name Item code Capacity kg Height min/max mm Pneum. stroke mm Hydr. stroke mm Req. air pressure MPa (bar) Weight kg
HTJ1200-2 43447 545 755 / 1700 472 473 0,8 (8) 76