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Rehobot Hydraulic Side & End Cutters

Hydraulic Side and End Cutters - HCE25 / 369

Hydraulic side and end cutters are essential tools for precision cutting tasks across industries. Whether you need to cut rebar, bolts, wires, rivets, nuts, or other materials, these tools offer efficient solutions.

Side Cutter - Model 369
The Model 369 is specifically engineered for cutting flat and hard materials. Its robust design and precision make it ideal for tasks requiring clean and precise cuts on flat surfaces.

End Cutter - Model HCE25
The Model HCE25 features a unique cutting head shape, making it the perfect choice for cutting rivets, nuts, and bolts. It excels in situations where you need to cut small objects or when working in limited cutting spaces.

Recommended Pump - PP70B-1000/LS201
For optimal performance with these hydraulic cutters, we recommend using the air hydraulic pump model PP70B-1000/LS201 (item code 45193). This pump is designed to provide the power and control needed for your cutting operations.

Authorized Distributor
As an authorized distributor of Rehobot hydraulic tools, we bring you the reliability and quality of REHOBOT products. Our range of hydraulic side and end cutters ensures you have the right tools for your cutting needs.

Discover the precision, efficiency, and versatility of hydraulic side and end cutters. Trust in our authorized distribution to provide you with top-quality tools for your projects.

Rehobot Hydraulic Side & End Cutters- Metric Measurements

Name Item code Material Hardness HB Tensile strength Nmm² Max. cutting force kN Max working pressure MPa Control valve Max. opening mm Weight kg
HCE25 39814 6, 9, 13 450, 230, 110 1500, 800, 400 90 70 - 25 7,4
369 38336900 9, 16, 21 450, 250, 200 1550, 850, 700 140 70 - 26 6,7