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Rehobot Single Acting High Tonnage
Hydraulic Push Cylinders CX

Introducing the CX Single Acting Hydraulic push cylinder, a true powerhouse designed to take on the most challenging tasks. With an impressive lifting capacity of 220 tons (or 256 tons with load return*), these single acting hydraulic cylinders are engineered to excel under extreme conditions. What sets the CX apart is its ability to withstand off-center loads, making it an invaluable addition to your hydraulic arsenal.

Key Specifications:

High Lifting Capacity: The CX single acting hydraulic push cylinders boasts an exceptional lifting capacity of 220 tons (or 256 tons with load return*), ensuring you have the force you need to tackle heavy-duty applications.
Stroke Length: With a stroke length of 100 mm, the CX single acting hydraulic cylinders provides precise and controlled movement, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks.
Built for Tough Jobs: The CX is a single-acting hydraulic push cylinder with load return, making it reliable and efficient in its operation.
Off-Center Load Handling: What makes the CX single acting hydraulic push cylinders truly remarkable is its ability to handle off-center loads with ease. This feature is especially beneficial in situations where load distribution may not be ideal.

Working Pressure Endorsement:
The CX single acting hydraulic cylinders series is approved for working pressures of up to 80 MPa (800 bar), ensuring its durability and safety under high-pressure conditions.

Customize your CX single acting hydraulic push cylinders with your choice of couplings. Select from the practical push-to-connect (male coupling half, AQU8) or the dependable screw-to-connect (female coupling half, AQI24), based on your specific requirements.

As your authorized distributor for Rehobot, we bring you the single-acting CX push hydraulic cylinders, designed to meet your most demanding hydraulic needs. With our commitment to delivering top-quality hydraulic solutions, you can trust in the performance and reliability of the CX when the going gets tough.

*Note: The CX-series offers a lifting capacity of 256 tons with load return in specific configurations. Please contact us for more details on these configurations.

Metric Measurements :


Item code

Working press. MPa

Capacity kN (t)

Stroke mm

Stroke volume cm³

Diameter mm

Height mm

Weight kg

CX250B-100 49460 80 2513 (256) 100 3140 250 285 100