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Rehobot Single Stage Hydraulic Hand Pumps PH

Our commitment to delivering cutting-edge high pressure hydraulics solutions has led us to partner with the renowned manufacturer Rehobot. As an authorized distributor, we are delighted to introduce you to Rehobot's PH Series Single Stage Hydraulic Hand Pumps, a testament to reliability and precision in the world of hydraulics.

Key Features and Benefits:

High Oil Flow: Experience efficient hydraulic operations with these hydraulic hand pumps, thanks to their high oil flow capability.
Minimal Effort Required: You won't break a sweat operating these hydraulic hand pumps. They are engineered for ease of use, reducing user fatigue during prolonged tasks.
Durable Construction: With an aluminum oil reservoir and a cast iron pump housing, these hydraulic hand pumps are built to withstand the rigors of your hydraulic applications.
User-Friendly: Rehobot prioritizes user comfort and safety, making these hydraulic hand pumps ergonomic and user-friendly.
Pressure Monitoring: Stay in control of your hydraulic systems by equipping these hydraulic hand pumps with a pressure gauge (AMT801) and gauge adaptor (AVM204), ensuring complete operator safety.

Tailored to Your Needs
Rehobot's PH Series High Pressure Hydraulic Hand Pumps are available in two working pressure options: 70 MPa and 80 MPa. You can also choose between 600 cm³ and 1000 cm³ effective oil capacity. Additionally, the 70 MPa hydraulic hand pumps come with the option of including a pre-assembled 2-meter hydraulic hose (LS201ES), swivel coupling (ASE10), and quick coupling (AQI7) in kits named PH70A-600/LS201 and PH70A-1000/LS201, respectively.

Safety and Compatibility
When it comes to safety, these high pressure hydraulic hand pumps prioritize operator well-being. They feature a pressure gauge for monitoring discharge pressure, and all PH hydraulic hand pumps have a G1/4" threaded port for hydraulic connections. When selecting accessories for your hydraulic system, ensure that their working pressure rating matches or exceeds the pump unit's maximum working pressure. For hoses, maintain a 3-4 fold safety margin between the hydraulic system's maximum operating pressure and the hose burst pressure.

Elevate your hydraulic operations with Rehobot's PH Series Single Stage Hydraulic Hand Pumps. Contact us, your authorized of Rehobot Hydraulic Equipments, to explore how these reliable workhorses can enhance your hydraulic systems. Trust in the simplicity, precision, and robustness of Rehobot, your hydraulic partner.

Rehobot Single Stage Hydraulic Hand Pumps PH - Metric Measurements

Name Item code Working press. MPa Eff. oil vol. cm³ Cap. cm³/stroke
PH70A-600 49100 70 600 2.9
PH70A-600/LS201 49108, Hose length = 2m 70 600 2.9
PH70A-1000 49101 70 1000 2.9
PH70A-1000/LS201 49109, Hose length = 2m 70 1000 2.9
PH80A-600 49102 80 600 2.9
PH80A-1000 49103 80 1000 2.9