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Rehobot Hydraulic Spreaders ESH/CS

Hydraulic Spreaders: Versatile Tools for Various Applications

Hydraulic spreaders are essential tools that find applications in mechanical workshops, building industries, maintenance and repair tasks, civil and military rescue services, and more. These tools are designed to excel in situations where space is limited or when you need to open or separate objects with precision and control.

Common Uses of Hydraulic Spreaders:

Lifting Heavy Equipment: Hydraulic spreaders are adept at lifting heavy machinery and equipment. Their powerful hydraulic mechanisms provide the force needed for controlled lifting operations.

Prying Objects Apart: Whether it's separating components during maintenance or gaining access to a confined space, hydraulic spreaders offer the strength and precision required for prying tasks.

Opening Jammed Doors: Hydraulic spreaders are often used by rescue teams to force open jammed doors, allowing them to access critical areas quickly and safely.

Pressing Profiles Apart: In industrial settings, hydraulic spreaders are used for pressing profiles apart, facilitating the assembly or disassembly of components.

Built for Efficiency:
These hydraulic spreaders feature a built-in cylinder and a moving jaw equipped with a return spring. This design ensures precise and controlled operations. Additionally, they come with a hydraulic coupling for quick and secure connection to your hydraulic pump, allowing for seamless integration into your workflow.

Authorized Distributor:
As an authorized distributor of hydraulic tools, we provide top-quality hydraulic spreaders that meet your diverse needs. Count on us for reliable tools that enhance your efficiency and effectiveness in various applications.

Discover the versatility and power of hydraulic spreaders, your go-to tools for tasks that demand precision and strength in confined spaces.

Rehobot Hydraulic Spreaders ESH/CS- Metric Measurement

Name Item code Max. spreading force kN Max. working pressure MPa Eff. oil vol. cm³ Max. opening mm Min. height mm Weight kg
ESH10 14507 9 70 - 85 8 1,8
CS20-120 38362900 20 80 33 120 9 5,4

Technical Documentation

Operating instruction (65174)