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Rehobot Hydraulic Spring Compressors SC

The REHOBOT Hydraulic Spring Compressor, Model SC23, is a versatile and high-powered tool designed to simplify the often complicated and risky task of working with springs in automotive workshops. With a focus on universality, safety, and ease of operation, this hydraulic spring compressor has become an indispensable tool for professionals in the field.

Universal, Simple, and Safe:

Rehobot hydraulic spring compressor was meticulously developed with three key principles in mind:

Universal Application: The SC23 is engineered to accommodate a wide range of car models, thanks to its exchangeable jaws. These jaws are adaptable and compatible with many common car models, making it a versatile tool suitable for various workshop requirements.

Enhanced Safety: Working with springs can be fraught with risks, especially when using mechanical tools with worn-out or heavily loaded components. The hydraulic spring compressor minimizes wear and, consequently, reduces the risk of personal injury, ensuring a safer working environment.

Ease of Operation: Equipped with a quick-coupling mechanism, the hydraulic spring compressor easily connects to a foot-operated air/hydraulic pump, a recommended accessory. This setup allows operators to have both hands free for precise tool control. Additionally, a flexible holding block permits the tool to be securely positioned at an optimal angle in a workbench vise.

Time-Saving Efficiency:

The hydraulic spring compressor, Model SC23, is engineered for efficiency. It accelerates both the compression and decompression of springs, significantly reducing work time. Moreover, in many cases, the tool can be applied directly to the vehicle, streamlining the workflow.

Please note that jaws for specific car models are ordered separately. We offer an extensive range of jaws in our assortment, catering to various car models.

As an authorized distributor of REHOBOT hydraulic tools, we provide access to the innovative and reliable Hydraulic Spring Compressor, Model SC23, along with a comprehensive selection of compatible jaws. Experience the advantages of enhanced safety, efficiency, and versatility in your automotive workshop with REHOBOT's hydraulic solutions.

For inquiries, purchases, or additional information, please contact us as we are the authorized distributor Rehobot.

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Rehobot Hydraulic Spring Compressiors SC- Metric Measurement

Name Item code Max. working pressure (MPa) Max. load (kN, (t) Min. length (mm) Max. length (mm) Compression length (mm) Weight (kg)
SC23 45195 70 23 (2,3) 73 483 250 7,7

Technical Documentation

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