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Rehobot Hydraulic Wire Tensioner WPT

The REHOBOT wire pull tensioner, known as the WPT (Wire Pull Tensioner), is a vital tool used primarily in the mining and tunneling industry for securing and tensioning steel wire rock reinforcement.

Key Features of the WPT (Wire Pull Tensioner):

High Tension Force: The WPT offers a maximum pull force of 20 kN (equivalent to 2 tons). However, it can be customized to provide lower tension forces upon request. This adaptability ensures it meets the specific needs of different applications.

Lightweight Design: Designed with portability in mind, the WPT is lightweight, making it well-suited for the demanding environments of mining and tunneling.

User-Friendly: The tool's simplicity and ease of use make it a practical choice for operators in the field. Its user-friendly design ensures efficient and straightforward operation.

Compatibility: The WPT comes with a clamping grip suitable for steel wire with diameters ranging from 15 mm to 17 mm. Additionally, it includes a backplate adapter designed for use with the industry-standard 15.2 mm wire lock and corresponding face plate. This compatibility allows it to work seamlessly with widely used wire types.

Swivel Coupling: Equipped with an ASE10 swivel coupling, the WPT offers flexibility and ease of connection. For those preferring quick couplings, they are available as separate accessories.

Customization: The WPT is highly adaptable and can be modified to meet specific customer requirements or adapted for similar applications in various industries.

As an authorized distributor of REHOBOT products, we provide access to the versatile and efficient WPT wire pull tensioner, a valuable asset for professionals in the mining and tunneling sector. For inquiries, purchasing, or more information, please contact us as we are the authorized distributor of Rehobot.

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Rehobot Hydraulic Wire Tensioner WPT- Metric Measurement

Name Item code Max. working pressure MPa Capacity kN (t) Stroke mm Stroke volume cm³ Length mm Weight kg
WPT132-15 49070 12 20 (2) 30 53 263 3,6

Technical Documentation

Operating instruction (65530)