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Rock Breaker Valve

Rock Breaker Valve: Enhancing Hydraulic Power for Efficient Rock Breaking
At HydroDyne Industries we present the advanced Rock Breaker Valve, a specialized hydraulic valve designed to optimize the performance of rock breakers and hydraulic hammers. The Rock Breaker Valve, also known as a hydraulic breaker valve or hammer valve, is a critical component that efficiently controls the flow and pressure of hydraulic fluid to power hydraulic rock-breaking attachments. This valve enables precise control over the rock breaker's striking force and impact frequency, ensuring efficient rock-breaking operations with minimal downtime. Engineered with precision and durability, our Rock Breaker Valve is the ultimate solution for maximizing productivity and reducing maintenance costs in rock-breaking applications.

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Flow and Pressure Control: The Rock Breaker Valve enables accurate control of hydraulic fluid flow and pressure, allowing operators to adjust the rock breaker's power according to the rock hardness and breaking requirements.
Strike Frequency Adjustment: With its precise frequency control, the Rock Breaker valve ensures optimal striking frequency for efficient rock breaking, enhancing overall productivity.
Built for Tough Environments: Constructed with robust materials, our Rock Breaker Valve is designed to withstand harsh working conditions and extended use, offering reliable performance in demanding rock-breaking applications.
Safety: The Rock Breaker valve incorporates safety features to prevent hydraulic pressure surges and ensure smooth operation, reducing the risk of equipment damage and accidents.
Quality Assurance: Quality is our utmost priority, and each valve undergoes stringent testing and inspection to meet industry standards and deliver reliable performance.

Product Specifications: Rock Breaker Valve (SPFV Series)

Type: Rock Breaker Valve
Flow Range: 0-200LPM
Operating Pressure Range: 100Bar -350Bar
Max Pressure Rating: 350Bar
Valve Body: Aluminium Alloy,MS,cast iron-GG40
Mounting Style: Cartridge,Inline Body
End Connections: BSP ¾”
Operating Temperature: Max Temperature:-110°C
Media Compatibility: Mineral based or synthetic hydraulic oils with lubricating properties
Seal Type: Nitrile,Viton
Quality Assurance: Each valve undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure reliable performance and quality.

1. Construction and Demolition: In construction sites and demolition projects, the Rock Breaker Valve powers hydraulic hammers for breaking concrete, rocks, and other hard materials, facilitating smooth demolition and construction activities.
2. Mining and Quarrying: These Rock Breaker valves are critical in mining and quarry operations, providing precise control over hydraulic hammers used for rock extraction, breaking, and aggregate processing.
3. Road Construction: In road construction and maintenance, the Rock Breaker Valve is used for efficient rock breaking during excavation and road surface preparation, aiding in the creation of durable and safe roadways.
4. Trenching and Excavation: These Rock Breaker valves are essential in trenching and excavation projects, enabling controlled rock breaking for underground utility installations and construction projects.
5. Concrete and Asphalt Recycling: The Rock Breaker Valve assists in concrete and asphalt recycling processes, breaking down large pieces into smaller sizes for reuse in new construction projects.
6. Tunneling: In tunneling projects, the Rock Breaker valve powers hydraulic hammers to break through rocks and soil, facilitating smooth and efficient tunnel excavation.
7. Bridge Construction: These Rock Breaker valves are utilized in bridge construction to break rocks and boulders during foundation preparation, ensuring stable and robust bridge structures.
8. Landscaping and Land Clearing: The Rock Breaker Valve aids in landscaping and land clearing tasks, breaking rocks and large debris for site preparation in landscaping projects.
9. Pile Driving: In pile driving operations, the Rock Breaker valve powers hydraulic hammers to insert piles into the ground effectively, providing a stable foundation for various structures.
10. Mining Equipment Maintenance: Rock Breaker Valves are used for the maintenance and repair of mining equipment, ensuring efficient and safe rock breaking for equipment maintenance and component replacement.
11. Quarry and Rock Extraction: In quarries and rock extraction operations, these Rock Breaker valves are employed for precise rock breaking to extract desired materials for further processing and use.
12. Concrete Breaking and Demolition: The Rock Breaker Valve is utilized in concrete breaking and demolition projects, providing controlled breaking of concrete structures.
13. Foundation and Excavation: These Rock Breaker valves aid in foundation preparation and excavation for various construction projects, ensuring controlled and efficient rock breaking.
14. Site Development: The Rock Breaker Valve plays a crucial role in site development projects, facilitating rock breaking for site grading and leveling.
15. Civil Engineering Projects: These Rock Breaker valves are integrated into various civil engineering projects where rock breaking is necessary, ensuring effective construction and infrastructure development.